30 Days of Curly Hairstyles ebook SKU: 129059

Your go-to daily styling guide for curly hair – it’s like having Hair Romance in your pocket!

Embrace your curls and master your frizz with these simple, time-saving styling tips and hairstyles you can do in your own hair. Feel beautiful and confident and make your hair your best accessory with Hair Romance’s timeless hairstyles. 


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30 Days of Curly Hairstyles eBook

Your go-to daily styling guide for curly hair – it’s like having Hair Romance in your pocket.

If you’re sick of spending hours straightening your hair, only to have it ruined as soon as you walk outside.

If you’re tired of spending hours in the bathroom to make yourself “presentable” in the morning (hint: you always were presentable).

And if you’re still struggling to master the texture and wave of your beautiful curls.

I built this book for you, gorgeous. It’s time to stop fighting your curls, and love them instead.

Embrace your curls and master your frizz with these simple, time-saving styling tips.


What buyers are saying:


"I wore this hairstyle to work today to try it out before a black tie wedding this weekend. I got so many compliments from my co-workers! Definitely a winner - thanks for saving me $100+ that I would have spent on an up-do!"


What’s inside the guide?

In this eBook you’ll find:

  • Truths about your curls (no you’re not crazy - your curls do change by the day)
  • How to style curly hair - without frizz so you can feel fabulous on even the most humid summer day
  • How to speed up your curly hair routine so you get out the door on time
  • How to wake up with great curls so you can set snooze on your alarm instead of washing your hair
  • How to braid curly hair so you can nail those Pinterest hairstyles with ease
  • A bobby pin tip that will change your life (or at least your hair)
  • Over 35 hairstyles broken down into simple steps that you can do in under five minutes
  • Over 125 pages of hair inspiration so you’ll save yourself from any bad hair day


Wear your curls down or up, with over 35 tutorials you can do in 5 minutes or less

Each of the 30 days’ hairstyles is beautifully demonstrated with step-by-step pictures and clear written instructions. Plus there are variations for different hair lengths and textures.

No matter what the weather, or what your curls are doing, you can easily style your hair and be out the door fast.


Save on expensive salon styles, from stylists who don’t understand curls

We’ve all had that salon experience that flattens our curls and we know it won’t last in the weather. For your next big event, save $100+ on an expensive salon visit where they just flat iron your hair. You can create a beautiful, elegant updo in your own hair in only a few minutes.

You’ll be surprised at the styles you can do with just a few bobby pins. With Hair Romance’s tricks you’ll understand how to use bobby pins properly so that your styles last all day - and night!

Feel beautiful and confident and show off your gorgeous curls with Hair Romance’s timeless hairstyles.


Who is Hair Romance?

Christina Butcher, New York Times’ bestselling author of “Braids, Buns and Twists”, is the hair behind the top hair blog, Hair Romance. Over 220,000 women have bought Christina’s books and hairstyle guides (in over 17 languages!).

After hating her hair for years she turned it around with a haircut that changed her life. Since then she has created her own simple hair shortcuts anyone can do at home to help you get ready faster and feel more confident.


What buyers saying:


"This challenge and ebook are near and dear to my heart because it took me years to figure out how to style and take care of my hair.

I feel very confident that I could do my own hair for literally every occasion.

This is really empowering to me because, as I’m sure other curly girls have experienced, it is really difficult for me to entrust my hair to other people.

Christina, by providing us with these tools, you are telling us that it’s ok to be ourselves allowing us to find the confidence to conquer the world."